Ivana buys clothes in thrift stores, likes to take pictures and is always flying somewhere, Martin reads about 40 books a year and likes to dig into numbers. The start of Terraz was born in their heads before superfoods became a common topic in gastronomy and healthy eating. They have known each other since high school and shared a passion for good food. Their interest in crickets started with a joint college lecture on "insects and their future in nutrition."

"We ran to the pet store, bought a few to try. It made for a funny night with many crickets jumping all over the apartment. But it was also the moment we fell in love with crickets and wanted to know more about them."

So they decided they wanted to be among the first to show people the new possibilities. They incorporated the superfood into their popular pasta. This is a revolutionary way to turn a side dish into a full meal full of flavour and nutrients.


The sustainable protein of the future

Terraz takes pasta to a whole new level. It's packed with protein, iron, calcium, antioxidants and other health-giving vitamins and minerals. Plus, innovative and sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging make them the number one eco-friendly pasta choice.


Terraz products

Cricket Tagliatelle with Red Lentils is packed with protein, amino acids, vitamin B12, iron and other minerals and nutrients. In short, the combination of crickets and red lentils is a guarantee of healthy quality. The high quality semolina leaves a pasta-like texture. You're cooked in six minutes and the slightly nutty flavour makes it perfect for creamy sauces.

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