Frequently asked questions

Why should we eat insects?

For all intents and purposes, insects are proving to be a great alternative to traditional sources of nutrients. It is full of protein, iron, calcium and is very environmentally friendly. Moreover, if prepared properly, it is an excellent way to spice up your daily diet.

What does edible insects taste like?

You can't really tell the insect content in the products themselves, as it is a raw material with a relatively bland taste - and is therefore easily covered by the spices. However, if you decide to try the insects in their purely dried form, their taste can be compared to that of nuts.

How are edible insects prepared?

There are a number of ways in which the insects can be prepared. For our products, we use it mainly in the form of powder, which provides the products with the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. However, insects can also be eaten directly, for example as whole crickets, prepared in a pan or in the oven. However, for this method, we recommend taking inspiration from proven recipes.

Are edible insects suitable for people with allergies?

Insects contain large amounts of chitin, a component found in crustaceans. We therefore warn our customers allergic to shellfish about possible allergic reactions to insects.

How are edible insects killed?

The killing of insects is carried out in a completely humane manner. Not only is it a very simple species of animal, but it also has a closed nervous system - and therefore does not feel pain. The killing itself is done by cooling, when the insect, as a cold-blooded animal, naturally goes into hibernation, and then freezing.

Are edible insects vegetarian/vegan?

As it is an animal, it cannot be completely claimed that it is a product suitable for vegetarians or vegans. It is a matter of how the person who professes this dietary philosophy views it. The insect is an ecological and humane way to obtain nutrients due to its low husbandry requirements, its virtually zero environmental impact and its nature as an animal.

Where can I buy insects to eat?

We currently distribute our products primarily through online stores. You can find them on our e-shop, both in the form of whole crickets and products with cricket flour.

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