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"We want to offer the world a tasty, nutritious and ecologically less demanding dietary alternative."


Great things often start innocently enough - just like GRIG. Who would have thought that a summer camp would prompt us to start an insect food company? But that's exactly what happened. In 2015, Adam first encountered a suggestion to taste grasshoppers at a party. He declined. But he didn't sleep on it - he began a quest to see if the insect could be made into food. He discovered that making food from insects is illegal in our area. Still, he kept pursuing the idea - why should it be impossible when the world had been eating insects for a long time? And especially when its consumption carries such benefits for humans and the planet?

Three years later, the insect officially became a farm animal under European legislation, giving it the green light to be used for food production. In conjunction with Mendel University, Adam began to develop recipes, and to search for all kinds of relevant research even more intensively. In short, he did everything he could to bring insect delicacies to the Czech population and thus began to change eating habits in favour of sustainability and health. But if only it were that simple... In the lab, everything was running like clockwork, but then he discovered that the companies he was looking for did not have the necessary technology, space or suitable pricing conditions. A year and a half of work was suddenly as if it hadn't happened.

But we didn't give up - and we're reaping the rewards. We have found the right producers, a great Lithuanian cricket farm, a great team, a desire to keep pushing things forward and, most importantly, a vision for a better, more sustainable world. You can find us not only on the Czech market but also in Germany and Poland under our foreign divisions WilleZurGrille.de and SmakNaRobaka.pl.


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Our values

Responsibility towards our planet

By 2050, there may be more than 10 billion of us on the planet, so we need to find new and more sustainable sources of protein. Insects are the ideal way.


Being useful

Through tasty, nutritionally valuable and carefully developed products, we want to bring people nutrition that provides the body with all the necessary macronutrients as well as the necessary dose of micronutrients.


To make healthy eating more attractive

We cannot change the basics of a healthy diet. However, we want to make them more attractive through our products and thus make more people take good care of themselves.

In our shop you will find the widest range of edible insect foods in the Czech Republic.




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Tomáš Andrlík

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Adam Dostál 


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