The company is the result of a discussion between founders Nico Coen and Maarten Debie. They mainly discussed why the Western European market is not ready to consume insects, while many countries outside Europe have already included them in their diets. After research and thought, they finally took a bold step. They started growing different types of insects right in their own garage and cellar. Later, they put aside their plan to farm and concentrated mainly on preparing insect specialities. At first they decided to work only with mealworms, then they took over the Little food company and expanded their portfolio to include cricket products.

"After a lot of testing and tasting, we developed several mealworm products. At the end of 2019, we took over Little Food, which had a range of cricket products. Nimavert is for all those who are curious to discover the taste of insects and who are convinced that they also deserve a place on our plate. After all, insects, and especially mealworms, are an alternative and environmentally friendly source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Insect products and utensils don't have to look special, nor do they have to be complicated. All that matters is the taste."


Dried crickets in original packaging

Nimavert offers dried crickets and mealworms in original glass packaging that catch the eye at first glance with their unusual appearance. The shape makes it easy to store and you can take your crunchy partners with you wherever you go. They offer dried crickets and mealworms in three flavours, 12 grams per pack.

Garlic and parsley are the most popular flavours. They are great as a hearty and original snack, but also as mls in a bowl with your favorite show. Crickets and worms with a tomato flavour can also be used for Mediterranean dishes, for example as an unusual ingredient in pasta. They also offer a natural and smoked version.


Insect processing and diverse uses

Various processes precede the finished insect product. The crickets and worms are first dried and then roasted. They are then, for example, further ground into a powder to form insect flour. You can use the insect flour to bake delicious and fluffy homemade bread. The crickets and worms can also be processed as a filling for ravioli and so on. In short, insects have a wide variety of uses!


On our website you can find several products of this Belgian duo, whose offer will be further developed in the future!

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