Cricket is the result of building a shared dream between two siblings, Michiel and Anneleen from Belgium. Their journey began in 2018 when they decided to show the world a new way of sustainable protein in the form of cricket flour bars. Through a crowdfunding campaign, they managed to raise the necessary funds to make their dream come true and officially launch their startup.


Upgrading the product portfolio

The owners emphasize that they took a long and thorough look at their offer, as they wanted to make sure that people would be able to rely on their joint startup with confidence. The feedback from people was important to them and from the responses given, they expanded the offering to include more interesting and tasty products. They replaced the cocoa powder in the bars with delicious and honest chocolate, improving their quality and taste even more.


Redesigning and improving the brand

Throughout the process, they realised they wanted to appeal to a wider audience with the new changes in mind, while maintaining their brand equity. So their decision was to team up with Van Berlo, an agency that specialises in sustainable product design. They carefully researched all the different options from paper packaging to metal cans. But the conclusion was clear and actually a bit surprising. In the end, they opted for the plastic option. This is the most environmentally friendly solution for their product range. They use thin and light mono plastic for their packaging, which is also fully recyclable.

In terms of design, they have taken feedback from the last two years into account. The result is fresh colours, fun illustrations and imaginative text on all product packaging and the new website.


And what about their products?

You can find several products from these inventive siblings on our website, which we will be developing further in the future. If you like sweet breakfasts, we can definitely recommend the chocolate granola with a salty twist. Their crispy crickets with a garlic or paprika flavour are perfect as a snack for TV.

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