Crunchy worms

The Crunchy Worms and its roasting worms project is a continuation of several years of work in the field of insect eating by the Insects on a Plate project. The guys from Crunchy organised the first insect evenings for the public in the Czech Republic, co-authored an insect cookbook and were the first to introduce entomophagy to the wider public with Insects on a Plate. When they gathered enough experience, they founded the Crunchy project. They don't dry the worms, but roast them and use a special process to achieve very intense flavours.


Crunchy Worms and their flavours


Love the taste of cheese? Then this is the flavour for you. Worms are crunchy just like nuts and chips. They consider the extra cheesy flavor with a distinct taste to be their biggest favorite. It's for those who like bold flavours and for those who aren't afraid to give insects a chance.



Roasted, salted worms ready to eat. The salty flavour is a good old classic and the perfect starting line into the world of insect goodness.



Garlic is good, bold and is generally one of the most popular flavours. Garlic will make a flavor you know all too well, so it's recommended to start your worms with this popular flavor. It's perfect for telly, to replenish your energy or for a beer with friends.



This flavour is here especially for lovers of spicy and bold food. It goes well with beer, for example. In short, if you love Asia, this flavour is a must-try.


How to eat them?

You can put them in a bowl and eat them with your favorite movie, with board games at the cottage, have fun with them at a party. But they can also be used as a great ingredient in culinary experiments. Just open them and sprinkle them on a salad or add them to bread dough. There are no limits to the imagination.


Where do worms come from?

The insects come from certified Czech breeding and are intended for gastronomy. It is bred, roasted and seasoned under strict hygienic conditions.

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