10 reasons to eat crickets

Still on the fence about trying edible insects? Maybe our 10 reasons to eat crickets will encourage you to do so.


Crickets contribute to a healthy gut.

In experimental research, Dr. Valerie Stull of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has shown that eating mealworms not only leads to improved gut microbiota, but also improved gut function and resilience, and a significant decrease in enzymes in the blood that are linked to the production of inflammation in the body.

"Edible insects are in great demand. It is being discussed in Europe and the US as a sustainable, renewable and nature-friendly source of protein. Our research proves that it is worthwhile to continue to research and promote the consumption of insects as a valuable source of nutrients."

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Contains 5 times more omega 3 than salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to musculoskeletal health, proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and better muscle building. And it pays off!


Crickets contain 1.5 times more calcium than milk

Not only do you get a tasty and delicious snack, but you also get a dose of calcium into your body. Your bones will thank you!


Healthy fats

Crickets provide your body with the necessary healthy fats, among other things. These help us to maintain proper cholesterol levels and thus protect our hearts. They also carry a great taste, so it's no wonder crickets are so delicious!


A complete amino acid profile

Crickets contain 9 essential amino acids. It is therefore a natural and complete source of protein.


The saviours of the world's water crisis

By 2030, global water demand will exceed sustainable levels by 40%.

Agriculture accounts for up to 70% of the world's freshwater consumption annually. Insect farming is environmentally friendly and their water and feed requirements are minimal compared to traditional livestock.


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The most humane animal protein

Crickets don't need a lot of space (unlike cows, pigs or chickens) and are killed humanely by freezing, so the cricket naturally falls asleep in hibernation and never wakes up.



The macronutrients, minerals and vitamins in crickets are easily digestible, making them easier on the stomach than other protein sources.


Ensuring food self-sufficiency

The world's population is likely to grow rapidly in the coming decades. Crickets are the obvious solution to feeding our planet, thanks to their ecological friendliness, sustainability and the high efficiency of their farming.


They taste simply fantastic

Crickets taste like peanuts in dried form and you can't even taste the insects in processed foods.

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