Who is the "healthiest" or a comparison of edible insect species

As such, insects are widely known to be beneficial to health and are a great alternative and probably a meat substitute in the future. However, when you do decide to eat them, you want to know what you are eating and what the individual insect also contains. Should you eat crickets, sweathopper larvae or perhaps grasshoppers?

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In this case we will not talk about the larger beetles, but only about the larvae, which are soft and very tasty, unlike the beetles. The larvae usually grow to a size of 1.5 to 4.5 cm. These larvae are reared at elevated temperatures and their diet consists mainly of oatmeal, carrots, apples, dried bread and fish food.

As far as nutritional values are concerned, these larvae are rich in fat and are therefore not only suitable for humans but also as a very nutritious addition to the diet of cattle and animals in general.

In terms of calories, they are not much better than a regular bar of chocolate at first glance. A bar of chocolate, like 100g of worms, contains approximately 550 calories. In terms of composition, however, we cannot really compare them. The worms stand out for their high protein content, which reaches up to 53 g per 100 g (that means a whole 53% of the whole worm is just protein!). Other advantages are the aforementioned fat, which is 30% of the worms (30 g per 100 g), fibre, which is 7.8 g per 100 g, and a minimum of carbohydrates (only 7 g/100 g).



You have probably only ever seen a cricket in a meadow. However, this may change today and next time you may find it on your plate! Crickets normally grow to a size of only 2-3 cm, so eating them is really easy even for people who are afraid of insects and don't want to chew them unnecessarily. Crickets are a little easier to eat because they can be eaten throughout their developmental stage.

The most common fears people have when eating crickets are the wings and limbs, which can cause discomfort, especially in people who have never tasted the insects. However, we can reassure you that crickets are really soft and that there are no major problems when eating them, on the contrary.

Nutritionally, crickets are very nutritious. These little critters are rich in micronutrients such as iron, calcium, omega acids and lots of vitamins.

In terms of calories, we can call them the dietary brothers of worms. Their caloric value is only 430 calories. But what they lack in calories they make up for in protein. Compared to worms, they contain 65 grams of protein per 100 grams (65% is already a hefty dose and can be equal to any protein powder!). They do contain slightly less fibre (only 4.1 g per 100g), but as such they are more dietary, as you will only find 20% fat in them.


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Grasshoppers are not often seen in the countryside at this time. This insect, which grows to just 3.5 cm, feeds mainly on food of plant origin. Again, although this species possesses a pair of wings and may seem difficult to eat, it is very delicate to eat.

Most often, however, people have a problem with the fact that this insect species already has eyes, and not everyone can look the animal in the eye while eating. It is true that this insect really takes more courage, and it is probably more difficult for a beginner to start with locusts. However, once you get over the initial fear, the grasshoppers will reward you with a pleasant nutty taste and you probably won't want to taste any other insects. You can eat them alone, of course, but if you taste them salted, they're even better.

In terms of nutritional value, we're coming up with a winner in terms of calories. These goodies have only 373 calories per 100g and only 0.5g of carbohydrates. While they contain almost as much fat as the worms (29 g/100 g) and are also a bit poorer in protein than the smaller crickets (54 g/100 g), they are still worth a try. For that reason alone, "get it on" with your mates and prove to yourself that you can do it.


Whether you're intrigued by worms, crickets or grasshoppers, you won't go wrong either way. For the highest protein content, be sure to reach for dried crickets, which again, like everything, can be found not only as nature created them, but also in flavored form along with salt, garlic or other spices. We firmly believe that whether you are just starting out with edible insects or already have some experience, our article has helped you and made your choice easier.

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