Crunchy Mealworms 20 g

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Introducing Grig Worms – a delicious and protein-packed snack! Each pack contains 20g of crunchy and tasty worms, perfect for snacking or as an alternative ingredient in your favorite recipes. These sustainably sourced worms are a unique and nutritious snack that are sure to satisfy your cravings while providing a healthy boost of energy. Try Grig Worms today and discover a new and exciting way to snack!


Detailed information

A sustainable source of nutrition
A sustainable source of nutrition
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
High protein content
High protein content
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals

Product detailed description

The Nutritious & Sustainable Snack Sensation

Discover the future of snacking with our innovative Grig Crunchy Mealworms! These crispy, nutrient-dense, and eco-friendly treats are set to change the way you snack forever. Are you ready to embrace the sustainable snacking revolution?



Worms, as well as crickets and grasshoppers, are a common diet for millions of people in Asia. This trend is gradually moving to European countries. Many companies are now producing these insect products, thanks to which you can enjoy not only crunchy worms but also specialities such as our delicious crunchy crickets or chips with cricket protein in several different flavours.



Additional parameters

Category: Dried insects
Allergens: May Contain Trace of Cereals Containing Gluten. CONSUMPION OF INSECTS (CONTAINS CHITIN) May Cause an Allergic Reaction in People Allergic to Molluscs, Crustaceans and Mites.
Country of Production: Czech Republic
Producer: Grig Distribution s.r.o., Svatopluka Čecha 2672/100, Brno, 612 00
Gluten-free: yes
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