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A more nutritious, tastier and crispier alternative to chips is here! Our chips are made from cricket powder and legume flour. They are packed with protein, amino acids, vitamins and taste great at the same time. You'll love them at first crunch. Try the natural version and other delicious flavours.

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Detailed information

A sustainable source of nutrition
A sustainable source of nutrition
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
High protein content
High protein content
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals

Product detailed description


Healthy snacking

Let's look at chips differently! They can also be a nutritious snack on the go and in the office. Packed with healthy protein and fibre, our Cricket Chips will not only taste good, but they'll also replenish everything your body needs. These are made with legume flour and cricket powder and you'll love them at first crunch.



Czech quality

Our cricket treats are made with care and in the best quality. In production, we take care to select the highest quality natural ingredients and cricket protein, which comes to us only from licensed European cricket farms.

If you would like to learn more about the uses and benefits of cricket protein, we recommend checking out our Insect Blog packed with interesting articles and expert studies.

Additional parameters

Category: Cricket chips
Allergens: may contain traces of cereals containing gluten. Insect consumption (contains chitin) can cause allergic to molluscs, crustaceans and mites in people.
Country of production: Czech Republic
Manufacturer: grig distribution s.r.o., Svatopluka Čecha 2672/100, Brno, 612 00
Gluten -free: no
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