Crunchy crickets 20 g

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A healthy and tasty snack in the form of flavoured dried crickets. Great as an unusual gift, protein supplement or challenge for you and your friends.

Drop your preconceptions and try a cricket yourself!


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Detailed information

A sustainable source of nutrition
A sustainable source of nutrition
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
High protein content
High protein content
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals
Huge amounts of nutrients and minerals

Product detailed description

Crunchy Crickets Grig - Challenge, a healthy snack and protein bomb

Crickets to eat are an unconventional snack full of protein and micronutrients. They are high in omega acids, calcium, iron and vitamins. So they are a great way to enjoy something good without regrets while replenishing everything your body needs to run properly.


Crickets to eat

Although the idea of insects in the food industry may be quite remote to us, it is a common practice for a large part of the human population. Originally from Asia, crickets, grasshoppers and worms are a common part of the daily diet of millions of people. However, this trend is gradually making its way to Europe, where a number of companies producing these foods have sprung up over the last few decades. So you can enjoy not only dried crickets, but also specialties such as our delicious chips with cricket protein or the new Crispy Grig worms in several unique flavours.


Czech quality

Our insect treats are made with care. We make sure that they are made from the highest quality ingredients. Quality cricket protein comes to us from licensed European farms.

Try all the flavours!

While we consider Sour Cream & Onion to be the best of the flavors, we definitely recommend you try the other flavors! For example, you can also taste the crickets in Chilli & Lime, Honey & Mustard, Tomato & Basil, Sour Cream & Onion and Sea Salt.


Additional parameters

Category: Dried insects
Allergens: Milk. May contain traces of cereals containing gluten. Insect consumption (contains chitin) can cause allergic to molluscs, crustaceans and mites in people.
Manufacturer: Grig distribution s.r.o., Svatopluka Čecha 2672/100, Brno, 612 00
Storage: Store in dry room temperature, protect from direct sunlight.
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