The Kovařík brothers officially founded the company in 2021, but the first attempts at insect processing and breeding began much earlier. Before they achieved the right result and the final taste of Farmerio crispy worms, they had to go through a tortuous journey of trial and error. But the result was worth it, they managed to find the best way of processing and that's why in the final form the worms have an unmistakable nutty taste and aroma.

"Before we achieved the right result, so that our Farmerio Crunchy Worms really taste great, have a balanced flavour, colour and the right 'crunch', a lot of cooked worms ended up in our pets' bowls."

Petr graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Ostrava, he is the creator of the idea of founding Farmerio and is in charge of sales, marketing and PR. Pavel, on the other hand, graduated from the University of Agriculture in Brno, has been involved in the world of insects since he was a child and is responsible for the production process, logistics and communication with the supervisory authorities. No wonder the company runs like clockwork, the brothers complement each other perfectly!


What does the company offer?

On their e-shop you can find a wide range of crunchy and delicious worms in a variety of flavours. For us, the pizza, gyros or cookie flavours are definitely worth trying! For the more adventurous and sweet lovers, there's chocolate with crunchy worms!

You can also find Farmerio products on our shop, so run along and add something to your basket!



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