Propolis: what it is and why it should definitely not be missing in every home

You may have heard of propolis, but never found out what it's actually good for and how it can help your health. What a shame! Because after reading about it, you'll probably be in for an unpleasant discovery. Most likely, you'll wonder why you didn't use its miraculous effects long ago.


What is propolis

Many of you may think that it is a plant. However, propolis is not classified as a plant, but it is a resinous substance. This substance is associated with the life of bees and has a strong pleasant aromatic smell. It can be golden brown, but also green in colour. It depends especially on its age and also on the area where the propolis comes from.

Not only its colour, but also its composition is often very varied, because in different climates and regions the composition of propolis can vary considerably. However, it is commonly stated that it is a substance composed of about 50 % resinous components and 30 % beeswax. The remaining 20 % is usually made up of various types of balsams and essential oils, which give propolis its characteristic scent.

Propolis is made by bees from substances they collect on plants that produce resinous substances. Most resin in the plant kingdom is found on coniferous trees, specifically on their needles. Among trees, the pine tree stands out for its resin content, as its needles even secrete resin.


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What bees make propolis for

It may seem that the main job of bees is only to produce honey. But in order for bees to exist and live their carefree life in the hive, they first have to build something. Propolis is not only for this purpose.

This substance helps the bees to reinforce the cells of the comb and to seal the cracks that appear in the hive over time. In addition, if a small intruder (a rodent such as a mouse) breaks into the hive, they do not have the strength to get rid of the dead body themselves. They therefore cover the body with propolis, and this ensures that the body does not decompose.

Its physical properties are perfect for the work of bees. Propolis provides the bees with the hardness and strength they need to glue the cracks in the combs at low temperatures. But for bees to work with propolis, this resinous substance must be slick and easy to handle at the normal temperatures that exist in a hive (about 30 degrees). And the bees are lucky: these are exactly the properties that propolis fulfils.


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What propolis is good for

We've already explained that propolis is primarily used by bees as a building material, which they use to build and repair their homes. What we haven't covered, however, is why we're actually talking about it in the context of humans. This is because this resinous substance has been found to have positive effects for humans as well.

As far as health is concerned, propolis is antibacterial. It can help us treat many diseases and ailments such as salmonella, tuberculosis, pneumonia and even tooth decay. Besides helping with diseases, it also reduces the proliferation of fungi and yeasts.

You can also find a tincture of propolis in our shop, which can be used when diluted as an antibacterial mouthwash or in concentrated form as a strong disinfectant for minor injuries. However, not only tincture is made from propolis, but also ointments that are used as an external antibacterial agent.

However, propolis may not be used only by the general population. It can also be used by doctors, specifically dentists, who take advantage of its effects as a surface anaesthetic.

But it is not only for health that it is a perfect miracle. You can also use it for cleaning. Whenever you disinfect with propolis, it destroys almost all bacteria and creates a fine film that guarantees a long-lasting antibacterial surface.


As you can surely see at a glance, propolis has really wide uses and almost miraculous effects when it comes to destroying bacteria and health. Therefore, if you don't have any propolis products at home, be sure to add a propolis-rich tincture to your cart the next time you shop on our e-shop. There are never enough antibacterial products, especially natural ones.

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