Frequently asked questions about edible insects?

Is it safe to eat edible insects?

Eating insects is safe for anyone who is not allergic to Chitin - this applies to people allergic to seafood. For everyone else, eating insects is safe and today over 2 billion people consume insects worldwide.


Can children eat edible insects?

Insects are perfectly suitable and safe for children. In addition to the protein, it is also great for children to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals.


What does cricket farming look like?

Cricket farming takes place in large containers measuring 1 x 1 meter. The containers are lined with egg trays, on which the crickets are constantly moving. A feeding robot takes care of the food and water supply, which is added to the crickets several times a day. Interestingly, crickets are the first farm animals that we can raise with the help of robots and automation.


What do crickets feed on?

Crickets have a unique characteristic, whatever you give them that is nutritious and healthy, they can absorb perfectly. Crickets are therefore fed primarily fruits and vegetables to give them the most effective nutritional value for us.


Where do crickets breed?

Crickets are bred on specialised farms. Specifically, the crickets we use to produce Grig products come from farms in Lithuania.

Our long-term vision is to build our own vertical cricket farm in the Czech Republic, and we would like to start construction within a few years.


Is everything processed from crickets?

There is no waste in cricket processing, the crickets are used completely whole. This results in two big benefits.

The first is the environmental friendliness of the whole process.

The second is the benefit to our health. Most of the vitamins and minerals are found in the viscera, which we do not consume in conventional farm animals; in the case of crickets, their consumption is completely safe and enriching.


Wouldn't it be the same if I caught a cricket in a meadow?

Certainly not, edible insects must always come from certified farms. If you were to catch a cricket in a meadow somewhere, you don't know if it has eaten something dangerous.


Where are your products produced?

We manufacture our Grig products in several dedicated manufacturing plants across the Czech Republic.


Why do you also sell other brands of products?

The Grig eshop is the largest insect marketplace in Europe, we want to offer everyone the widest possible choice of insect products.


Why do you wrap your products in plastic packaging?

At the moment there is no greener alternative. Unfortunately, legislation for food packaging is very strict.

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