Dried meat x cricket protein

Dried meat x cricket protein

Meat drying was an important and groundbreaking change in our history. It was one of the first adaptations that allowed people to store meat for months at a time while maintaining the same values. However, we are now seeing a move away from conventional farming methods to more efficient and environmentally friendly sources of protein - edible insects. Is it possible, then, to completely abandon traditional foods such as dried meat and switch to cricket protein-based foods, for example? And how does this modern raw material stand up nutritionally?



Oldschool vs. 20's

Although dried meat can offer sufficient value, it is limited in taste. Edible insects, on the other hand, have a wide range of variations. Insect flour can offer you a variety of foods to explore, with all kinds of flavours and tastes, so you won't get bored.

Edible insects are higher in protein, iron, calcium, also contain fatty acids, a large number of vitamins that will help you build a healthy and strong body. It is the vitamins that help us strengthen our immune system. Edible insects are generally higher in these vitamins and they are also more readily available for absorption than, for example, beef. Crickets are even several times higher in vitamin B-12. What is definitely worth noting is that insect meal is the only animal protein that can guarantee a higher fiber content. This fiber is found primarily in the form of chitin, which improves gut health, reduces inflammation, and even helps reduce allergic reactions.



The cricket protein stands out for its taste, its nutritional values and its content of necessary vitamins and minerals. We don't call insect protein the food of the future for nothing.

The only thing that follows is. Eat cricket!

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