Cricket flour (sort of) to save the world

Cricket flour (sort of) to save the world

Threats about the unsustainability of the food industry are coming at us from all sides. "Limit your meat consumption!" proclaims one side. "And where do we get the protein and all the other nutrients that meat provides?" asks the other side sarcastically.


Thankfully, there are several visionaries and enthusiasts in the world who are seeking a compromise between the two camps. That is, a way to reduce the production of animal products, which puts an extreme strain on the planet, but at the same time solve the demand for sufficient protein - hence quality, sustainable food. In other words, they are trying to contribute to a healthier planet and population by expanding the supply of alternative food sources. We proudly count ourselves among them.


Vegan meat substitutes might be the first, available solution you think of. We at GRIG see insect food as the easiest, most accessible solution - specifically, we're talking about cricket flour food. After all, insects have been talked about as the food of the future for some time now.


And no wonder. How can such cricket powder enrich the human body? Most of all, insects boast a complete amino acid spectrum, i.e. all 10 essential amino acids - and thus the label "complete protein source". Compared to many plant-based foods for vegans, it definitely has the edge in this respect. What's more, you'll find up to 70% of them in it!

They also boast easy digestibility, unsaturated fatty acids and a wide range of micronutrients. You'll find vitamins (e.g. B vitamins), zinc, iron and folic acid. The fibre and the natural prebiotic function ensure better digestion. That's just part of it - and a nice line of naturally occurring health benefits nonetheless. Not just any food can boast of that!


It's completely understandable that not everyone may find it to their liking to eat crickets alone. That's why we are trying to bring this nutritious gem of nature closer to people by developing insect foods - or rather, products that are enriched with cricket flour.

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