Cricket-flavoured ice cream is available from a German manufacturer. They even decorate it with insect sprinkles.

The range of the German ice cream manufacturer Thomas Micolin from Rottenburg am Neckar near Stuttgart has been expanded to include cricket-flavoured ice cream. In addition, he sprinkles it with dried dark insects. The manufacturer was already selling different flavours of ice cream, such as gorgonzola, parmigiana or golden flake ice cream, for four euros (93,7 kroner) per scoop.

Micolino describes himself as someone who is curious and willing to try anything. I've eaten a lot of strange things and wanted to try eating crickets as ice cream, he continues.


European Union regulations allow the use of crickets in food. They are available in powdered, dried or frozen form. The EU classifies as edible insects the migratory anemone, the larvae of the house cricket, the house cricket and the stable cricket.

Micolino uses cricket flour, cream, vanilla extract and honey to make its new ice cream flavour. Whole dried cricket bodies are scattered on the surface. The ice cream, as they say on Instagram, 'tastes surprisingly delicious. ".

Whether they are ready for the food of the future, those who follow them ask. In many nations, these insects are a staple food because they are considered rich in nutrients and protein. Because it is relatively cheap to grow, it can also support a sustainable diet. However, people who suffer from allergies may be at risk.

One creative ice cream maker claims that some people find cricket ice cream repulsive or even irritating. However, he claims that those who try it are delighted and it has become an everyday treat for them.

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